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IMAGE - Volume 27 - Part 10 - (October 2014)

What is The Psychologist?

The Psychologist is the official monthly publication of The British Psychological Society. It serves as a forum for communication, discussion and debate on a range of psychological topics. We publish a wide range of scientific, professional and personal formats aimed at our large and diverse audience: in print, The Psychologist is read by more than 48,000 Society members, and around 1,000 non-members (including many journalists); online, we reach a large and international audience.

We welcome contributions from psychologists in all areas of the discipline, written in an informative and engaging style. Articles may provide a broad overview of a particular area or issue, review the literature, include some original research, discuss theory, or debate applied issues and practical and professional problems. We do not publish articles based on research that has not been accepted for publication following peer review: i.e. we are attempting to be a magazine, not a journal. See our writing guide and submission information for more details.

We also have a host of regular formats which may suit you, including 'Reviews', 'Careers', 'New voices', 'Big picture', 'Looking back' and 'One on one'.

There are also several invited formats you may feel are suitable to your area of expertise. These include head to head debates; 'state of the art' guides to major topics written by experts; cutting edge reports on units or programmes of innovative research; 'Viewpoints' pieces which triangulate the perspectives of researchers, participants and third party end users; special issues; and target articles for peer commentary. To discuss these possibilities, contact the Editor via

A large and diverse audience

We do all we can to ensure that our authors’ work spreads as far and wide as possible. We have an average issue readership in print of over 57,000, and our use of Issuu as a platform for digital sample editions and previews has brought us a large audience of online readers. Add in press releases and licensing deals with similar French and Polish publications, and The Psychologist is quite simply the best place to reach a large audience of your peers. Many authors comment favourably on the experience in terms of the useful contacts it brought them.

So don’t wait to be asked, write for us now. The Psychologist relies on your contributions, there are formats to suit all angles and levels of input, and a supportive editorial process to ensure that your message is presented in an appropriate and effective manner.

Who is involved?

The Psychologist is produced by a small team of BPS staff.

Dr Jon Sutton is the Managing Editor. He joined the Society in March 2000, from a psychology lectureship at Glasgow Caledonian University (go here for a summary of his academic work). Jon is responsible for all aspects of strategic development, budgeting, commissioning, editing, advertising and promotions, etc. He also oversees the Research Digest. His performance is monitored by the Psychologist and Digest Editorial Advisory Committee, to which he reports three times a year.

Peter Dillon-Hooper, half-time Assistant Editor, joined in 1998. He is the guardian of house style, the cogs in the machine, and many other things besides. Peter spends the other half of his job as Manager of the Society's History of Psychology Centre.

Mike Thompson, Sub-editor, started before records began. He handles all the design and illustration in the publication.

Our hugely popular Research Digest (in blog, email, Twitter and Facebook forms) is edited by Dr Christian Jarrett. Check out some of his work, including the Rough Guide to Psychology, and his fantastic Twitter feed.

Debbie Gordon, Editorial Assistant, joined in April 2008. She has a degree in Media and Music Technology.

Our journalist, Ella Rhodes, joined us in June 2014. She is a psychology graduate and trained journalist, having previously worked on the Derby Telegraph.

Advertising, including Psychologist advertising and the Psychologist Appointments website is handled by the Redactive Media Group. Contact Giorgio Romano for recuitment or Ben Nelmes for display.

Honorary roles

The office staff are supported by the voluntary associate editors and the Editorial Advisory Committee on the membership side (see the list on the contents page of the print version each month).

How can I give feedback?

The team always welcome feedback about The Psychologist. For example, you could let us know:

- what you think our functions or goals should be
- what should be given more or less emphasis
- your views on how the publication is organised, designed, illustrated etc
- what articles you found particularly engaging and / or informative, and what other topics you would like to see covered.

Simply e-mail the editor. If your comments concern policy or the editor's performance, an alternative is the Chair of the Psychologist and Digest Policy Committee.

Help spread the word

In January 2013, The Psychologist turned 25. If you would like to help us spread the word and ensure we remain in good health for many years to come, please download and distribute / display these posters.

Psychologist flyer

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