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August 2014

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IMAGE - Volume 27 - Part 8 - (August 2014)
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Creative Britain

Stephanie Taylor looks at how social psychology explains the phenomenon

The end of dyslexia?
Julian G. Elliott and Elena L. Grigorenko argue that the label is a cultural meme that remains unscientific and conceptually problematic

Does executive coaching work?
… and if so, how? Nadine Page and Erik de Haan consider the evidence.

Smarter thinking in sport
Martin James Turner describes his use of rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) with athletes

Interview: Defeating aliens with critical thinking
Diane Halpern tells Lance Workman about her efforts to improve work–life balance and increase creativity

Big Picture: ‘I’m no different’ - Letters - News - Digest - New voices: Who am I and what can I achieve? - Society - Careers - Reviews - Looking back: Freud, the libido and oxytocin - One on one... with Tom Dickins

Today's featured article from the archive:

Changing the face of criminal identification
Charlie Frowd, Vicki Bruce and Peter J.B. Hancock describe the latest techniques to construct the face of a criminal

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