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The Psychologist

Beyond the mythology of war

Our reports from the Society’s Annual Conference, which took place in Birmingham in May. Download the PDF for the full coverage.

The cycle-ology of the Tour
In this online-only version of her 'News' article, our journalist Ella Rhodes investigates how psychology touches July's race - the participants, spectators and volunteers.

Beliefs about autobiographical memory
Beliefs about autobiographical memory and why they matter. Martin Conway, Lucy Justice and Catriona Morrison

On the trail of the elusive successful psychopath
On the trail of the successful psychopath Sarah Francis Smith, Ashley Watts and Scott Lilienfeld

EMDR - more than just a therapy for PTSD?
EMDR – More than just a therapy for PTSD? Robin Logie considers a therapy whose mechanism remains unexplained 25 years after it was developed.

New voices: to the left - pseudoneglect
Joanna Brooks on the tendency to pay more attention to the left side of space, in the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices)

Big picture: Getting brain cells working - Letters - News - Digest - Interview: Striking a balance - Society - Careers - Reviews - Looking back: Psychology to win the war and make a better peace - One on one… with Ian Parker

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The stressed sex?
Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman consider men, women and mental health

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