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The Psychologist

Autism - are we any closer to explaining the enigma?

Uta Frith introduces a special issue

Big picture: Alien invasion
Picture by William Tipple, with comment from Professor Uta Frith. Download PDF for poster.

Autism – myth and reality
Christian Jarrett talks to researchers, people with autism and their relatives, to find out what autism is really like

Combining the old and the new
Jon Brock looks at Bayesian and predictive coding accounts of autistic cognition

Risk and resilience in the developing brain
Mayada Elsabbagh looks at lessons from autism

New Voices: What is autism, anyway?
Eilidh Cage with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

Interview with Francesca Happé
Editor Jon Sutton meets a creative, interpersonal, social scientist to talk about autism, DSM-5, women in science, and more

Looking in: My son’s not Rainman
John Williams on being a parent of ‘The Boy’ with autism

Eye on fiction: Generic images of autism
Douwe Draaisma on stereotypes in novels, films and real life

Careers: 'Autism can be of a positive type'
we meet Stella Acquarone as part of our autism special issue; Aidan Horner on his ‘negative CV’; and Nick Hatton on an unusual PhD setting

Looking back: A continuing journey
Patricia Howlin considers where more than 70 years of research and intervention has left us in understanding autism

One on one… with Simon Baron-Cohen
‘Stories of forgiveness are inspiring to me’ (includes online extras)

News: Halving violence by 2044 - Letters - News - Digest - Society - Reviews

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Today's featured article from the archive:

Renewing the scientist-practitioner model
Last year, at the Centenary Conference in Glasgow, David Shapiro delivered the annual M.B. Shapiro Lecture in his father’s honour.

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