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The Psychologist

Special issue: A brave new world for psychology?

David Nutt introduces a special issue considering the use of hallucinogens in research and therapy

How do hallucinogens work on the brain?
Robin Carhart-Harris, Mendel Kaelen and David Nutt consider a big question on several levels

Cultures of chemically induced hallucinations
Vaughan Bell considers what we can learn from how other societies approach hallucinogenic drugs

When the trip doesn’t end
Henry David Abraham describes his investigations into hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), along with firsthand accounts

Viewpoints: Experiences of hallucinogen treatment
We hear from a researcher, participant and clinician on the use of psilocybin to alleviate cancer anxiety

Eye on fiction: Heavenly and hellish - writers on hallucinogens
Dirk Hanson takes a trip from Lewis Carroll to the modern day, via Huxley, Burroughs and others

Looking Back: A brief history of psychedelic psychiatry
Moheb Costandi considers attempts to use hallucinogenic drugs to treat alcoholism and mental disorder

Big Picture: A window to the soul - Letters - News - Digest - Society - Careers: A public and private trip to understand the mind - Reviews - One on one… with Valerie Curran

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Today's featured article from the archive:

Intelligence, health and death
Ian J. Deary delivered the Hans Eysenck Memorial Lecture, on the new field of cognitive epidemiology, at the Annual Conference.

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